The 9 major reasons which make you prefer A9 Technology®

A9 Technology® which is a breakthrough in the field of lubricants forms a highly protective residual film on all hot metal surfaces from 43°C/110°F upon all engines & transmissions & brings 39 performance enhancing features, thanks to A9 Technology®’s world-patented active components.

A9 Technology® has nothing in common with all kind of soluble additives available on international market because it is miscible and not soluble as any additive.

A9 Technology®, worldwide patented since 1991, is based on a cosmetic process & does not employ any solvents which make it exclusive with no competition.

A9 Technology® does not alter the design characteristics of the standard lubricant which is used strictly as a carrier & maintains any manufacturer’s warranty.


Once the A9 Technology® residual film is formed after a few hours of use, results are truly amazing & the very first outstanding benefits noticeable are :

  1. Considerable reduction of friction coefficient on moving metal parts by avoiding hard metal on metal contact, responsible for over 70% of engine wear (car manufacturers’ statistics) = THEREBY INCREASING MECHANICAL LIFE SPAN.
  2. Easy cold starts.
  3. Protects post treating system such as filter against particulates & catalytic converters.
  4. Equalises & optimises compression ratios.
  5. Proven reduction of fuel consumption by 5 to 10% & oil topping-up by 70 to 100%.
  6. Considerable increase in power output because of reduced friction.
  7. Once the residual film is formed, engines can be stored indefinitely, without corrosion, gumming up or binding.
  8. Mileage or duration of use : Increase, thanks to fuel savings. You can obtain up to 120 miles/200 km extra distance per full tank or 2 additional hours for fixed engines.
  9. Self-financing, savings exceed the cost of the next oil purchase.


A9 Technology®’s proven high reduction of toxic emissions (CO, HC, Nox, Particles) makes A9 Technology® the N°1 anti-pollution film forming lubricant in the world, actively contributing to cleaner air quality.

Petrol engines : 75% reduction of CO emissions at idle speed & 20 to 30% in city traffic.

Diesel engines : Average reduction of exhaust fumes by 40% during acceleration.


Produced to international standards, to which A9 Technology® is added, which does not alter the design characteristics of the lubricant, because it is NOT soluble, but MISCIBLE, A9 Technology® film forming lubricants are produced in France (EU) in ISO 9001-2008 & 14001-2004 approved facilities with a production capacity of 180.000 tons per year.

Now available worldwide, because like millions of motorists, we deserve it !