Demouscar, C70, SC100

A9 Technology


COCORECO® DEMOUSCAR – C70 & SC100, has many advantages thanks to the use of A9 TECHNOLOGY®…

State of the art formulation for use without water, it is an excellent degreaser with anti-corrosion agent. Removes mud and disintegrates road residues.

Available in 300 ml atomizer BRUMECO & in 20 L Jerrican
The N°1 film forming cleaning agent, environmentally friendly, biodegradable,
multi-use & multi-performance


COCORECO® DEMOUSCAR C70 & SC100 is a detergent designed for degreasing, descaling, dewax, clear bug debris on any surface such as body or any type of substrate. Also cleans the inside and outside of the vehicle including the engine compartment or the trunk.

Whatever the application, it is ready to be sprayed.


COCORECO® DEMOUSCAR C70 & SC100, is easy to use by spraying the atomized droplets. As there it has no toxic ingredients, it actively contributes to environmental protection.

As with any cleaning product, it is advisable to hold COCORECO® DEMOUSCAR C70 & SC100 out of reach of children. In case of eye contamination wash abundantly with water at once and consult a medical professional. In case of ingestion, consult a doctor. MSDS is available on our website or on request. Before using COCORECO® DEMOUSCAR C70 & SC100, shake container thoroughly and pour into an atomizer such as BRUMECO®. Spray in a regular pattern on the surface to be
cleaned and let it act for a few moments, before wiping in circular movements with a microfiber cloth (such as MICROFIBRECO® supplied by A9). Change the microfiber cloth when dirty or too wet. To obtain a shiny surface, use
our complimentary COCORECO® NETCAR or NETCAR T for tropical climates.