A9 Technology


FOSCORECO® – 35°C`s extreme anti freeze/anti-boil properties, protects in all temperatures and is far superior to classical coolant formulated with ethylene or propylene glycol.

FOSCORECO ® – 35°C fulfills the international standard NF : R15601 Type 3


Based on the use of Mono Propylene Glycol in which A9 TECHNOLOGIE® is added, FOSCORECO® – 35°C combines outstanding performance and is long lasting, whilst it is used in extreme temperature (high & low) it prevents accidental absorption & intoxication when handled by technicians. A9 FOSCORECO can protect the cylinder head, block, water pump, radiator, heater core, rubber and polymer pipes/hoses, as well as help thermal balance and reduce operating temperatures. A9 FOSCORECO is non toxic and when eventually replaced, can be safely discarded.