INJECTECO®, has many benefits associated with the use of A9 TECHNOLOGY®, and particularly offers :

  • Injector spray quality improves for more complete combustion, leading to reduced the fuel consumption and smoother running
  •  Absorption of moisture traces and potential bacteria in the fuel tank & avoids drawback
  • Coefficient of friction considerably reduced on moving metal parts, and consequently considerably increasing longevity
  • Increases mileage per tank full, due to improved spray quality and atomisation in the combustion chamber
  • A reduction of temperature in the injection circuit, thanks to a better Tribology as a result of film-forming A9
  • Better sealing and protection of joints avoids seepage
  • During long storage, the fuel injection system can be protected indefinitely without corrosion, gumming up or binding.


INJECTECO® is a fuel injection treatment for all 4-stroke engine, catalyzed or not, with or without turbo, common rail, multi-valves, with or without post treating exhaust gas system. Can also be used for oil-fired boilers, to facilitate maintenance and improve thermal energy.


INJECTECO® is not an additive and does not contain any solvent. It does not modify any characteristics of the injection system because it is not soluble, but MISCIBLE.

INJECTECO® is available in 60 ml applicator, packed in boxes of 14 units, using blister card and in box of 50 units without blister card. This is sufficient for up to 200L of fuel. For larger fuel tanks, use a further applicator for every additional 500L.

Renewal is variable from 1 to 6 months depending the use of the engine.

Get advice from your distributor.