MotorEco® VL, VU & PL


MOTORECO® VL – VU – PL, despite their economy in use, offer many advantages, as presented by A9 TECHNOLOGY®

MOTORECO® is simply applied with a 60ml syringe provided, through the engine oil filler and after an oil service. If applied to dirty oil and filter, the A9 Compound will attach itself to minute metal particles circulating in the oil bath and will be less effective.

MOTORECO® is a film forming treatment for any 4 stroke engine using petrol or diesel, with or without common rail, or injector pump, fitted or not with particulates filter, GPL, Turbo, catalysed or not. It is ideal for road car & competition, bike, boat, industry, agriculture, light aviation, railway equipment earth moving equipment, military fighting / support vehicles and in competition.

MOTORECO® is designed for users who wish to achieve outstanding performance from their engine oil, by rending it film

Proven reduction of fuel consumption (5 to 10%) and oil topping up (70 to 100%)

  • Significant reduction of toxic emissions (CO, NoX, HC, Particulates)
  • Mechanical life span considerably increased by improved Tribology
  • smoother driving comfort (engine noise levels and vibrations are reduced, better torque at low revs, easy cold starting, increased power output)
  • manufacturers warranty maintained

MOTORECO® VL is suitable for most small and medium vehicles (engines up to 2,000cc)
MOTORECO® VU is suitable for larger vehicles (engines over 2,000cc) & utility vehicles
MOTORECO® PL is suitable for HGV’s and heavy plant

Available in 60 ml applicator with or without blister card
The N°1 film forming, anti-wear, anti-polluting, multi-purpose & multi-performance 4 stroke engine treatment.


MOTORECO® VL – VU – PL are 4 stroke engine treatments, regardless of the fuel used (petrol, Diesel, LPG, biomass, ethanol, etc) for mobile or fixed engines, whether within or outside manufacturer’s warranty.

Specially designed to render any monograde or multigrade standard lubricants, with film-forming A9 TECHNOLOGY®.


MOTORECO® VL – VU – PL meet the requirements of all international specifications relating to standardized lubricants, whatever the process maintaining all manufacturer warranties.


Characteristics Method Units Typical Mini Maxi
Density @ 20°C D 20/4 0.88
Viscosity @ 100°C ASTM D 445 cSt 11 9.3 12.5
Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D 445 cSt 95
Viscosity Index 90 90
Viscosity Grade SAE-J 30
CCS Viscosity ASTM D 5293 mPa.s R-ed